Chakra Necklace-Third Eye - Amethyst

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  • Silver-plated necklace with beautiful semi-precious stones
  • Genuine amethyst, increases intuition and relieves stress
  • 40 cm chain + 9 cm extension
  • Pendant of polished purple amethyst in a rustic shape

Chakra: The third eye.

A piece of beautifully shaped purple amethyst forms the pendant of this silver-plated necklace. These alluring purple semi-precious stones are said to enhance intuition and mental presence, and have a stress-relieving effect. The chain is 40 cm long and it has a 9 cm extension chain, so it hangs beautifully on the chest. Let the stone’s positive energy unfold at your heart, and enjoy its natural beauty.Please note: Each stone is unique and therefore there will be slight variations in shape and hue.